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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Welcome to IIT

Welcome to IIT
IIT Delhi? - Welcome even more.

Even though its a 'passe' to say so - still, the fact is that you are the 'best of the best'.
So what are your plans for next 4/5 years you are going to be here?
No Plans! - Ah, Too bad! Never Gave it a Thought - Barn, Too bad!

Waste no more of your time and get started thinking. NOW.

First, make room in your super intelligent head and read the next 3 things seriously
  1. This is the beginning, and not the end (of all the struggle and hard work)
  2. There are NO DPPs and NO Mock Tests. No Spoonfeeding. You are on your own.
  3. This is the best place you can be, at this time of your life. You cannot afford to let this chance go.
Don't be too paranoid of me. This is the truth.

With these things in mind, sit down, or take a walk or go in a park or whatever - but think. Think what you want to do when you are here. IIT is a place where you can practically do anything. Anything. And since you can do anything - let your drems fly. Just think what you want. Write it down and keep it safe.

Let me end by telling you WHY YOU NEED TO THINK? From day 1 you would be overwhelmed by the number of different things you would find here. And if you don't know what you want, you would be literally 'swept off your feet'.

So, my dear IITian - you are starting a life on your own - decide how it should be!

PS: I would be glad to answer your questions - just leave a comment!

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  1. the site looks very good now.
    it is also functionally better with all these gadgets.
    About the post, what can I say . Wish someone had written this before and wish i had read it in my first year.
    Anyways, what's the use crying over swept feet

  2. Wow, Thanks :)

    All I can say about the post - wish someone would read it and understand its importance.