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Thursday, 2 July 2009



Life is simple. It has been a topic of fascination from several years and will continue to be so, as long as we continue to live.

But then, why people find it so complex? Well, it is meant to be so, otherwise where would the sense of achievement come from?

So, is the purpose of this blog to help you make your life simple? Sorry, but the answer is no! The purpose of this blog is to make your complex life interesting.


By knowing interesting things, and understanding them simply.

Ha ha - are you confused now? You shouldn't be.

Because I will tell you things, various things, which you will enjoy knowing. I will try to tell them simply, so that you don't get confused. And I will try not to reinvent the wheel - i.e. if I find a good site or blog which explains the thing I am talking about in a perfect way - I will direct you to that.

Vanity might sometimes get better of me, and I might write a post dedicated to my life. I hope you will bear with me in such posts.

So understood?

Keep Tuned



  1. it is good that you have taken a step to start writing you would be interesting and informative.
    It is difficult to keep writing in the blog for first 40 to 50 posts...after that its in your daily routine, so hope you cross the magic number of 42 posts fast.
    A quick suggestion on format, you can shift to the second generation templates at blogger.many more are available on other free sites.
    keep writing

  2. Thanks Kinari.

    After saying for all those years, 'I don't see a reason why I should blog', I have finally found one.

    42 seems to be far far away :)

    I will update my template soon. What is the best place to look for a new one?