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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Copy Paste

A few phrases which are endangered or have become extinctTaken from an IIT Alumni Magzine

Bhains ki aankh: Buffalo's eye. A substitute for a more offensive word that is unprintable

Kailashpati: A guy who spends most of his time/effort on the females of Kailash hostel

To mein Nachun: Interrogative word, meaning should I dance? Rumored to be a witty reply to some boring information

P K Palta: Fell over drunk

Quotes from an Outlook Article

"I also had friends who never needed to study, they had been apparently born with engineering wisdom in their genes. There were guys who spent most of the semester in a drug haze, but sobered up a few days before the exams, cracked them, and went back to their pharmaceuticals"

"The vast majority of males were totally deprived of female company. The girls lived a strange life-on the one hand, they were hounded by dozens of would-be suitors; on the other, they faced the petulant hostility of the majority which saw them as undeserving of so much adulation and so many free lunches"

And the story can't be complete w/o mentioning this Uncyclopedia entry

"A very effective test of whether a guy is fit for getting into the IITs is asking a very simple question: "Do you have a girlfriend"? A guy who says anything else other than "What's a girl?" would not get through the test"


  1. Haha!


    I sent you the last one, haina haina?

    PS - Never had free lunches. *Sigh*

  2. :), Yes you sent me this :D (only that I had read it 2 years earlier)

    That's a good thing - you will find fewer hostile janta :)

  3. I think you should be commending me on my 'Equality' stand! :P

  4. Ethics don't get commended so early :P