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Monday, 3 August 2009

How a Squirrel Hedges its Risk

This might be true for the squirrel community in general, but it is definitely true for the squirrel community at IITD.

There is a 10 meter wide road which the Squirrel wants to cross. Squirrel is currently at point A and it wants to go to point B on the other side of the road.

Squirrel being at Point A happens to know that Point A is a safe state. It also assumes that Point B would be another safe state, but is not very sure.

Now while crossing, it never makes an impetuous dash from A to B. It always stops at an intermediate point C to evaluate its conditions, i.e. to gauge if it is still safe to cross the road.

Now let the point C be 8 meters from Point A and 2 meters from Point B.

Suppose you approach such a Squirrel (who is busy contemplating at Point C) what would you expect it to do?

Obviously run for its life and get to Point B.

But Squirrels are Squirrels - they run back to Point A!!!



  1. I just realised I am a squirrel. I would run to home territory too. :)
    This post also suggests somebody has a lot of free time at hand. Maybe just not enough to make a call? :P

    On a serious note, you're totally an engineer, that was a gorgeous observation. :)

  2. Ha ha :) - Everything should go in Harmony :)