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Thursday, 11 November 2010

In Brevity, for clarity - I Love You

All these years
Through joys and tears
I always thought of you
I knew not, what was it
(And then I discovered)

Now in brevity
for the sake of clarity
I Love you


  1. When did you change the background to this pinkish colour? Never noticed it before. And no, this is not a compliment. :P

    Nice poem. :)
    (Result of non-stop hours spent making slides? ;) )

  2. I try to vary the background of post, according to the mood of the latest post!

    Not slide exactly, but this is a result of a post which I wrote waiting for a delayed flight; but then after a few days hated the staccato flow (it almost sounded like one 10 page attempt I wrote last year for a course - remember?). So I deleted the entire thing and just retained this poem (which I wrote in the cab!)

  3. Wow! Love defined with Brevity and Clarity! :)

  4. Throat parched,
    lips dry.
    Clutching on,
    we leave with a sigh.

    Hearts still racing
    thoughts are wild.
    What was felt,
    was anything but mild.

    A glance, a look
    everything,it took.
    Simple and unarmed,
    star struck, and charmed.

  5. It's unethical to post a far better poem on a poem! Makes my poem look so shabby :)