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Friday, 21 August 2009

Convoluted Dreams

All I remember is that it was a precarious situation.

I had to save someone, and it was getting really difficult. Almost like Frodo hanging with his one hand - and beneath him the Lava of Mount Doom. I was SAM. Despite having always dreamed of saving someone's life, all my life; I was finding it increasingly difficult to pull him up.

At such moment you really doubt your abilities. Every bit of your life enfolds in that moment. It's die or die.

I woke up; drenched in sweat. I was palpitating and was clearly frustrated. After-all, I had 1 trillion other works to do then sleep and dream. I banged my fists real hard on the table, only to find the needles of a few Pin-Up clip and subsequently flinch in pain.

As my hands swung over the table, I hit the really jagged portions under it. Which was totally impossible, but nevertheless my hands went numb with pain and I woke up. Again!!!

Still seething with pain, I got up from my bed to think what was up with me - was I dreaming in my dream?

Caressing my hand, I waved off the whole incidence as 'Stress'

A little later when I sat down on the table to study - I saw 5-10 Pin-Up clips lying on it - sun shining on their razor sharp needles...

Friday, 14 August 2009

Shopping Anomalies

2 Girls and 2 Boys; couples in their own sense, enter a shop to buy a pair of Jeans:

Guy's Shopping:

"Bhaiya, show me a blue Jeans, light shade from 500-600Rs; Regular Fit, simple - no gaudy designs"

He shows 2.

The guy tries them.

Comes out of the Trial Room, and asks his fellow guy - "how does it look?"

"Ok", the fellow guy says getting a little interested that this shopping thing is coming to an end

"Ok", the wearer guy says, getting a little interested as his shopping thing is coming to an end

Time Taken to shop a pair of jeans - 5 Minutes

Girl's Shopping:

The guys are sitting outside after finishing their shopping in 5 mins, looking forward to spend the evening with girls.

The sun goes down, the moon comes up, the stars appear, the numbness of Night starts to bother them, the stars fade, the moon goes down, the sun comes up again, and it goes down again, and again moon comes up, and the stars appear - Summer change to Spring and Spring changes to Winter and Winter changes to Autumn and then its Summer again - onetime between all this - it rains, and onetime the guy's walk across the street to get a Burger, and onetime they walk a few steps to put a quid into the Guitar Case of the guy who entertained the crowd of such guy's sitting outside the shop by playing Guitar.

Finally, eons later- the girl's come out, almost hysterical. They did not like the clothes, NOT EVEN ONE! Some were this and some were that and some were just not short enough and some were just not long enough and some were loose and some were tight, and that when they had planned to buy just a pair of jeans and not everything that the store had to offer.

Guy's are busy consoling them and somehow they get better, only to suggest that they try in the next shop.

That is how both the pairs broke up...

Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Moon Race

This NY Times Article is the epitome of Sarcasm. It really, truly, emphatically captures the times of The Cold War and how Russia's Space Program sent the US into frenzy and how $150 billion Moon Mission took Place, and the role of NASA thereafter.

If not for the great account of History and Emotions, read it for the Sarcasm.

After reading it, I wondered if Kennedy could have said that day in Congress, "Guys, Chill. This is all but an eyewash. We have greater problems to invest our money in. Let the Russians fly out there in the black void". (Oh, Do I sound like Leftist and Oh, then why would have there been a cold war at the first place!)

Also, in case it gets you a little more interested, you can watch October Sky (it's a movie!) as a follow up :)

Monday, 3 August 2009

How a Squirrel Hedges its Risk

This might be true for the squirrel community in general, but it is definitely true for the squirrel community at IITD.

There is a 10 meter wide road which the Squirrel wants to cross. Squirrel is currently at point A and it wants to go to point B on the other side of the road.

Squirrel being at Point A happens to know that Point A is a safe state. It also assumes that Point B would be another safe state, but is not very sure.

Now while crossing, it never makes an impetuous dash from A to B. It always stops at an intermediate point C to evaluate its conditions, i.e. to gauge if it is still safe to cross the road.

Now let the point C be 8 meters from Point A and 2 meters from Point B.

Suppose you approach such a Squirrel (who is busy contemplating at Point C) what would you expect it to do?

Obviously run for its life and get to Point B.

But Squirrels are Squirrels - they run back to Point A!!!