To do that ... I happen to write!

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Plugged in, shutters shut, wings in front of the vent fluttering no more, door shut - locked, sugar dry and sticky in the cup, missing on keystrokes, suicidal thoughts, beacon light.

Push away, walk, Click open, Click open, Pour, Stir, Click close, Click close, Pull again, Plug in, type, drink.

Dying music, slowing heartbeat, blurring vision, languorous gain and mien, 'ya garib nawaz'

Google searches on LSD, shaking head coming out of dreams, shivering with horror, 'i hate trips', i think so. tried. i do.Wasted day. Wasted I.

Where are you, why did you disappear, what is to happen, where is the daylight, where are you. I know. I know.

Gentle skittering in the distant sky, so usual, 'here I am', the world has changed, future is curvy, 'here I am'.

What is life? I think i know. No it was LSD that knew.

White white-board. No more. In green, I wrote - Life - 1) Live. 'Gumsum Gumsum'

Long lists, half frozen laughs, sharp turn ahead, go slow, half frozen prayers, 'love me tomorrow'

Favorite song. Of life and fights, I take notice. Listen. Listening can do wonders. What you think you write, what you write you think. No wonder about the sad life of Ayn Rand and more recently of Sarah Cane, don't even try reading 'Blasted', forget seeing it.

More real now, fading drug thoughts. Thoughts can be so powerful.


I love this.

2nd in a row, and an upcoming birthday. Bright sky outside, cold air hugging me tight.
'shimmering lights'. I race. I run. I go back to place, cozy bed, safe thoughts, friends, harness. Still I am thinking. 'lit up the candle'

I am back. I am. I was never lost. A self created low. Stupid. Interesting.
Upcoming birthday. Shining lights. Lonely road. Cold air. Speeding. Bumping. Turning. Scuppering. Still thinking.

What you think you write, what you write you think.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Copy Paste

A few phrases which are endangered or have become extinctTaken from an IIT Alumni Magzine

Bhains ki aankh: Buffalo's eye. A substitute for a more offensive word that is unprintable

Kailashpati: A guy who spends most of his time/effort on the females of Kailash hostel

To mein Nachun: Interrogative word, meaning should I dance? Rumored to be a witty reply to some boring information

P K Palta: Fell over drunk

Quotes from an Outlook Article

"I also had friends who never needed to study, they had been apparently born with engineering wisdom in their genes. There were guys who spent most of the semester in a drug haze, but sobered up a few days before the exams, cracked them, and went back to their pharmaceuticals"

"The vast majority of males were totally deprived of female company. The girls lived a strange life-on the one hand, they were hounded by dozens of would-be suitors; on the other, they faced the petulant hostility of the majority which saw them as undeserving of so much adulation and so many free lunches"

And the story can't be complete w/o mentioning this Uncyclopedia entry

"A very effective test of whether a guy is fit for getting into the IITs is asking a very simple question: "Do you have a girlfriend"? A guy who says anything else other than "What's a girl?" would not get through the test"

Friday, 2 October 2009

Things I know of Gandhi

Only the date is cliched; not the post.

When I think of Gandhi, only a few things stir up within me - memories, quotes, readings etc... Some good and others bad.
  1. He used to walk the talk. He used to walk fast. He deliberately chose his 2 offices 10 km (infact more) apart and he commuted on foot between these offices each day
  2. My maternal Grandfather used to literally hate him. In the drawing room he had the portrait of 'Maharana Pratap' and not Gandhi (in his days; Gandhi was still alive)
  3. His autobiography is quite bold and explicit. I should read it, but probably after reading Discovery of India
  4. Was a man of extremes - Non Violence, austerity etc.
  5. I really liked his idea of Hind Swaraj or self governance - infact, I was thinking of the same thing for a long time, trying to find words to express it and lo! - One day I find that Gandhi has already put it down so eloquently decades ago!
  6. Studied in England, like many of Indian reformers did. Wrote and spoke splendidly, like many other reformers
  7. Was a Gujju!
  8. His family life was screwed. I don't know if his decision to become celibate at the age of 36 was a reason. Whatever, still Kasturbha, his wife was imprisoned whenever he was. So what's the point! Unfair to her?
  9. I still can't comprehend what was his motivation. How he kept himself alive to put so much efforts into something larger than life, incomprehensible, apparently inachievable. HOW? HOW? HOW?
  10. Used to see things for himself - something what Rahul Gandhi is doing, or alteast showing that he is doing, now a days
Well that's my list! And I think I sound like a Blonde

What amazes me is that, of a man who was THE MAN for INDIA, Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu - how can I care to know so less. But pertaining to point [7], he is definitely a source of motivation. Enigmatic motivation. And pertaining to point [3], I promise to know more about him.

What's your list??? Or you people blonder than me!!!