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Friday, 21 August 2009

Convoluted Dreams

All I remember is that it was a precarious situation.

I had to save someone, and it was getting really difficult. Almost like Frodo hanging with his one hand - and beneath him the Lava of Mount Doom. I was SAM. Despite having always dreamed of saving someone's life, all my life; I was finding it increasingly difficult to pull him up.

At such moment you really doubt your abilities. Every bit of your life enfolds in that moment. It's die or die.

I woke up; drenched in sweat. I was palpitating and was clearly frustrated. After-all, I had 1 trillion other works to do then sleep and dream. I banged my fists real hard on the table, only to find the needles of a few Pin-Up clip and subsequently flinch in pain.

As my hands swung over the table, I hit the really jagged portions under it. Which was totally impossible, but nevertheless my hands went numb with pain and I woke up. Again!!!

Still seething with pain, I got up from my bed to think what was up with me - was I dreaming in my dream?

Caressing my hand, I waved off the whole incidence as 'Stress'

A little later when I sat down on the table to study - I saw 5-10 Pin-Up clips lying on it - sun shining on their razor sharp needles...


  1. Ha.
    Convoluted people. Convoluted Dreams. :P

  2. i'm sure everyone must have experienced this. I can vouch for myself and few of my friends who have shared their respective experiences with me!
    In my case instead of banging the table I launched a full fledged punch on the freshly whitewashed wall in frustration of havin overslept, then the wall disappeared, I slept back...then woke up because my hand knuckles were in pain, for a moment saw white 'chuna' on the back of my palm , then it disappeared and I finally woke up 2 hours later, lying on the floor.

  3. @ Hedo - Blah

    @ Kinari - Lying on the Floor!