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Friday, 13 November 2009

A birth-day in my life

So, one of the best ever, well I will at least remember it for the next 6 years, just as I remember the one which happened when I was 15.

Not only that it went about in the exact way I wanted it to go: close friends (though I missed those few who couldn't join for they were either far away, sleeping, or unaware), cold weather, gentle drizzle, pizza, coke, coffee, standing on roof, sitting around the coffee table and just laughing away. In this world, where almost nothing goes according to how you expect it to go, it was a welcome night.

In fact, the day which followed was also nice. Meeting Mark Tully - the former BBC journalist (Padma Shree, Padma Bhusan and Knighted) and Ritu Menon - Miranda Alumni, a feminist publisher since last 25 years and founder of Press - Kali for Women; followed by an okaish quiz, and an interesting interview with Prof. Deepti Gupta from Textile Department.

The messages, mails and gifts were totally awesome. I just wondered when was the last time I got a gift!

It continued to drizzle in the evening, during which I was handed over an amazing hand made oil painting.

The day ended as interestingly as it began, with a few of my best buddies getting a late realization and scrambling to call one after the other (news like these spread like fire), so the day
ended with 7 calls, between 11 PM and midnight.

Thank you all.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

What Odds

Well, a recapitulation:

Sitting back, reclining on chair, brooding
Suddenly it snapped from the middle
And I fell in a manner, we call ' backwards headlong'
Numb and astonished I, the phone rings - Why?
"Hi we liked you resume, would like to meet you. Will you come by?"

Waited and Waited and Waited
The Black Corollas never came
After 2 hours and a half
took the car of Shubham, to the task
And reached the room in Oberoi, behind the glass

A long sleepless night, a long morning and a long afternoon
All for a 5 minute interview, All for a stupid puzzle
All for a single question, All for another rejection
What Odds that I was called
What Odds that I will be called again