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Friday, 22 October 2010

Did curiosity really kill the cat?

So this is the 8th flight I am talking in my life. Which is too small a number. I know. But today's flight is different. Because it's delayed by 2.5 hours. But as my team member put it - every adversity is an opportunity (to which someone added - for someone else).

Anyways, so I spend first 1 hour walking up and down the length of the Airport, admiring the shine at the Swarovski, or looking at the people getting massage, browsing books (and finally picking up Nano Story), trying to drink water from spooky water taps and so on...

Then I came across this Lifebuoy ad saying keep you hand here to make it germ free - I was like awesome - I was pretty excited; how does this thing work - is it instant dryer or something - what is it? I thought of putting my hand under it. But just couldn't. I was standing bang in the middle of the crowded airport. I thought if I place my hand under it and some soapy thing came - I would look stupid. I kept shuffling around that place looking greedily at the thing, but did not put my hand under it. And then as I was standing and still debating - a small girl came by - put her hand under it - pressed some buttons and moved away. I stood there dumbstruck...

I realized that being care free was something that keeps vanishing from our life as we keep growing up.

Now while traveling to the airport - I went to the last seat of Innova - pulled out my shoes, and slept. Without caring for even a second how would it look to other 3 team members traveling in the same cab...The thought did not even cross my mind. I was just too tired to care. But I am sure other senior members would not have done something like that!

I think as we keep growing it is going to be a hard nut to crack - not looking childish and still being able to be care free, still being able to take leaps of faith, still disbelieving that curiosity killed a cat and believing that curiosity invented the plane!