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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Creative writing paper at IIT Delhi!

"Haathi mila tha". The elephant described in the questions was actually given to us, to 100 of us. 100 elephants were distributed in the class.

Our thrill was beyond measure - never Gave such an awesome paper :D


  1. EEE. Sahi hai. IIT ka paper hai after all..
    Show me what you wrote, okie?

  2. I never expected this from an IIT paper.(not that it is bad, but because it is unique. Unique != IIT) You must have had an awesome time giving the paper! I envy you

  3. @Hedo - Ok. Pakka.

    @Kinari - :D abhi to minor II and Major bhi bacha hai. You must triple envy me :P

  4. Oye!!! where's the answer that you wrote ?

  5. Ah, it is there with me, but it's too childish to share :)