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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Through Chandani Chowk, Old Delhi on a spicy food trail

12 Noon Gujju: "Yaar kahin chalte hain"

1 PM Me: "I am going to insti, come when you free"

3 PM Me: "Coming?" , Gujju: "Ya, in an hour"

4 PM
Gujju: "I've started from hostel" Me: "Ok"

5 PM
Gujju: "Chal - I'm here. Kahan chalna hai?"

Me: "chal momos khate-khate sochte hain"
Chotu and Chachha also join us...

Me: "Chandani Chowk chalte hain"
Chotu: "Nahi CP"
Gujju: "Achha jo bus pehle aa jae usmein beth jaienge"

7 PM Chandani Chowk - Trail begins...

Me: "Areey jalebi - khaein?"
Gujju: "Spicy Trail ki shuruvat to meethe se hi honi cahiye :D"

Awesomest jalebis that I've ever eaten, almost felt like Malpuas. A little costly, priced at Rs 300/kg. Each one of us ate 25 gms, so it was fine. It was a nice tit bit to start our trail with.Me: "Metro Station kahan hai?"
Chotu (a little phyched) "Peeche reh gaya yaar wo"
Me: Looking sharply across the road, "Ah, there it is"
Everyone: "What"
Me: "Just follow me"

Extremely crispy Aloo Tikkis with khatti meethi chatni, dotted with pomegranate. I needn't mention the Dahi Bhallas, afterall the name of the shop is Natraj Dahi Bhalla. It is listed in Times Food Guide, but still is such small that you would surely miss it. And add to that the fact that the 2 feet space between the shop and the next shop serves as the lane to the Chandani Chowk Metro Station (throughput of the lane: 2people/second)

Me: "Next stop Kake Di Hatti"
2 Amritsari Naan between 4 people is enough to fill you almost upto the neck. Ask for a Dal Fry to wet your throat and whet your appetite. Don' drink the normal water they serve, go for the packed one. (all in 85 bucks)

Gujju: "I will eat full faluda"
Me: "Let's take 2 faludas and a pineapple shake - then we will take one more if possible"

Adjoining Kake di Hatti is Giani di Hatti. Awesomest rabri faluda you will get in the entire world. The quantity is just too much. One full glass and you are done for the night. And Man-o-Man the size of the large glass of pineapple shake! The shop also sells Moong ki Daal ka halwa and other such Indian Delicacies but we were too full to even look at them. Giani is one place you just can't miss. Cost 40 bucks for each shake/drink.9:30 PM:Back in Lab :D

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Need directions?


  1. Gujju ki dili tamanna poori ho gayi !

  2. Awesome, mera blog dhyana ho gaya - first comment from Jatin :D :D

    And Haan, itna khaya gujju ne ki...

  3. :)
    although i didn't understand phrases which are in Hindi..
    thank you for the photos)it is curiously to see the indian people),a bit fashion,the live flow in the streets)
    it is interesting for me)) ;)

  4. Thanks Alyona,

    When you are in Delhi, we can go to see all these places :) :)

  5. missed two important mentions
    1. significance of the photo at natraj bhalla
    2. nothing in common between spicy trail 1 and 2 (so jatin abhi tamanna poori nahi hui)
    isse ek hagga yaad aaya
    kya hoga agar tamanna kapoor rohit poori se shaadi kar le?...

  6. 1) Arrey wo sab blog pe nahi gujju! (Ya people Gujju's real name!)

    2) Oh, Jatin (and I) thought that sweeter trail would be your dili (dilli!) tamanna.

    3) Pathetic...tch tch...

  7. shukriya..
    oh yes..impossible is nothing ;)