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Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Soldier's Letter to Home

Well, not the perfect occasion for this kind of a post, but still couldn't hold it back after I somehow reached the homepage of Captain Vijyant Thapar (Gold Medalist of his time, in Water Polo at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun)

He was given The Vir Chakra, sadly though - posthumously. He died fighting at 16,000 feet - in the Kargil War at the age of 22 in 1999. His birth date is 26th December.

His 2 letters are what I wanted to show:


Letter 2:

Robin was his favorite child hero.

"War for all its glorification is an dirty business. Ultimately, it is business of death. The sooner it ends, the better for all of us"
- Editor in Chief, India Today, July12, 1999

Full article here

Visiting the place he had fought during Laddakh trip - here
Tribute by his Mother
Story in Sun


  1. I have seen this page before, and the letters too! He was surely one of his kind: fearless and gallant. Unfortunately, our forces lost many other men, who were equally brave but not as lucky to have got such recognition! Hats off to that unknown soldier...

  2. Yeah. That's very true. That's why the purpose of the post was not to tell about only about THIS soldier but make people feel what a life of soldier is; through the eyes and letters of THIS soldier. Hats off.