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Saturday, 12 December 2009

3 Marriages

3 extremely interesting Indian marriages that I had chance to see off late:

Marriage No. 1: Up, Up and Away

The stage is decorated as a star studded night sky with moons and clouds and all. The bride and the bridegroom both appear from the two ends, from behind the clouds, seated in their planes! Yes, oh yes, they are in planes and they get closer and then up there, high up in the sky, under the gaze of thousands of people with fallen jaws - they garland each other. Suddenly it is raining on them - not water: Roses!

Marriage No. 2: Sita Style

Royal Stage, almost looks like a Maharaja's palace. And then the land parts away and the bride and the bridegroom both appear from the two ends, in their horse drawn chariots, oh yes, oh my god, horse drawn chariots from under the ground - and they get down and in front of eyes exploding with amazement they garland each other (and then the same flower rain!)

Marriage No. 3: Quick Fix

So my Mom goes to drink water in the Kitchen only to come all excited, and takes me to the window...across the road there is a teeny tiny temple. And near the temple is a makeshift Mandap - the boy and girl with 20 other people, quietly get out of their cars, get married in like 15 minutes, throw the rice, touch the feet, get in their flower studded car and then drive smoothly in the nearest building leaving me amazed, bewildered and flummoxed (boy, that was quick!)

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