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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hidden Lands of IIT

I Know, I must be half insane to write a blog at 4 in the morning, but folks - can't help it.

YOU GOTTA DO WHAT I JUST DID - walk from Bharti Building to Kumaon (or anywhere to anywhere in Insti or Delhi for that sake!) and feel being transformed to mystic lands of yonder valley - yes, just like the one you always saw in your dreams.

It was 3 AM, when I decided that I would rather sleep on my soft bed than on hard chairs of my lab. As I stepped outside the Bharti Building I was stunned, mesmerized and not to mention afraid to see that visibility was barely 3 meters in even well lit areas. As I slowly stepped forward I realized that I could only see in a radius of a hand's stretch around me in poorly lit areas.

It was like being in the forbidden forest of Hogwarts or being in some lost Valley of Ancient times - Since I was of those few 5-10 odd people out of total 10,000 at IIT Delhi out on streets; each step felt as if it was a fight for survival, as if I was in search of some hidden treasure.

My thoughts transcended when I heard a plane fly above me; and for the first time I saw upwards - only to realize that I could bloody see nothing - forget a hand's stretch. A little later, I heard a roar of engine go past me which told me that it was a truck, which looked to me as a mystic creature with light emitting eyes but a camouflaged body! The streetlights too looked the same - floating orange Sun's without a body of their own...

I was shuddering by the time I reached my hostel - half due to fear, half due to being in my fantasy land for 20 minutes at a stretch.

I will definitely carry a camera when I do this the next time, but the fantasies cannot be captured - you have to feel them, you have to see them!


  1. Sounds scary and exciting-awesome at the same time! :)

  2. :D - Wasn't that scary as I was pretty sure that no would be on streets at that unearthly hour of the day!

  3. arre yaar i thought ( by looking at the topic) that you were going to write abt some locations on the campus where very few ppl go to .....

    still a well written article..... sounded as if at any moment something dramatic would happen(except for that truck)...that would have been the icing on the cake.... :)

  4. Seems like a scene from a war movie... Plane flying above you... nothing visible after 3 meters... no human being around you... sound of some military vehicles :P

    You sure, it was in IIT :-)

  5. @ Abhishek - Publicity Stunt :P

    @ AKG - oh yeah, and as is apparent from my last post - I love war movies :D

  6. Oooh, nice. I wish I could be there! :)

  7. Well as it turns out my friend WAS out last night roaming in that fog with his friends,AND royally cussing about the lect at 8 today morning in that morning chill :P :D

  8. @Shuvi - Hedo sounded better :|; and since you are in IIT itself, here's the good news - you can be there, all you need is a little courage... :)

    @Annie - LoL

  9. Haha, you want me to get back to Hedo? The sad stoopid whine-queen? :|

    All I need is a little will power to not be asleep at that time, and of course, company. :)

  10. ditto!
    i thought i should write an article on what i experienced today, but landed on your article first and i could not have written anything felt amazing, scary, dreamlike, isolated...but luckily for me i had my mouth organ in my hand. Now come on you cannot deny that a background music would have made your night better yeaterday. it did for me today :)

  11. @Kinari - Awesome, you guys too did it :). Mast tha na? :D

    @Shuvi - The literal Hedo, I mean :). This is something you want to experience alone; or probably as kinari said - with a mouth organ...

  12. I'm surprised this is the first time you did that in IIT. I love winters, esp in just gets SO pretty

  13. Oh yes, indeed - now I too am surprised; but maybe this is because of the fact that I was not THAT excited about winters until I saw a frozen lake and snow :D