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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lock Unlock

So this is the 5th time when I locked my unlocked cycle when I actually wanted to unlock it. All these instances occurred when I was either talking to someone was lost too deep in thoughts to be consciously aware of things.

Trying to move your cycle believing that you have unlocked the cycle only to find it jammed, is a stupidly hilarious way to make your deep and serious stream of thoughts seem like a farse.

And on (the topic of) cycle - it is a super efficient way to save your time. Reach insti from Kumaon only in 3 minutes! On days, when you want to chat with your friend or just want to enjoy the weather - you can always walk with it. You can park it anywhere - no one will 'chain' it, no one will steal it, no one will fine you.

And just in case you happen to have a Hero Hawk you can bully other cycle fellows with your super fast speed. Go, buy one today!


  1. I beg to differ about the stealing..............mere times me cycles bhi bahut chori hoti thi.........i think the times have improved in IITD now :)

  2. Oh, then we have been lucky. We park it literally anywhere and that too, for days at stretch on some occasions!