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Thursday, 21 January 2010

History of IIT Delhi

History of IITD

Recommended Read. Nice account of how IIT Delhi came into being, but I am still curious where did the writer find this all information from?

And just when you are there, you can explore the 'I Love you' too, an article which I wrote long long back...

I Love you

And then when you would have explored these 2 articles, do explore the others. They are great! Looks like BSP IIT Delhi should publicize this site of theirs more!

PS: The sad part is that results from this website are not indexed on Google!


  1. I used the link on ur website for my blog.........hope u dont mind :)

  2. ROFL! ur story was awesome!!! :P Did that really happen??!!! If yes then my god... whtever made u think of "You..Tube videos"!!! HAHAHAHHA!!!! :D


  3. Well, is a question which I too often wonder about!


  4. just read d I Love U....had d following observations:

    1. It was humorous, as usual! :)
    2. U made me look into dictionary ATLEAST twice every single line :P
    3. U didn't tell us what happened next? I mean in the end.

    but anyway it was again a happy feeling reading ur writings...kepp it up dude :)

  5. Oh well, thanks dude :)

    1) :D
    2) That was the first story I wrote in my life. I've learned with time that it's not good to be pretentious in word usage. It makes you look fool! Phew, I managed to get away this time...
    3) Er, I told what happened. or are you asking, 'did they live happily ever after'?