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Thursday, 5 November 2009

What Odds

Well, a recapitulation:

Sitting back, reclining on chair, brooding
Suddenly it snapped from the middle
And I fell in a manner, we call ' backwards headlong'
Numb and astonished I, the phone rings - Why?
"Hi we liked you resume, would like to meet you. Will you come by?"

Waited and Waited and Waited
The Black Corollas never came
After 2 hours and a half
took the car of Shubham, to the task
And reached the room in Oberoi, behind the glass

A long sleepless night, a long morning and a long afternoon
All for a 5 minute interview, All for a stupid puzzle
All for a single question, All for another rejection
What Odds that I was called
What Odds that I will be called again


  1. Hello! Stumbled across ur blog after a LOT of random blog hopping, n lolz! discovering that IITians also blog, which is like :O whoa! :P

    Read some of the previous posts. Funnny! :P You sound like a comps guy, r u? Anyway, good luck with more interviews and puzzles.

    Nice place,


  2. They do blog :)

    Nearly comp, but actually electrical :) - Spring entry was during the initial enthu weeks during my intern at RBS :)

    Thanks :D

    PS: What you do? (I see you love coding among several others :))

  3. waah!!! intern at RBS!!! I hav friends who will be doing it this coming summer. Heard its awesome :)

    Yep Comps gal thru n thru :P Love to code, love to debug and love to theres nothin more left :P wait, love to have coffee and swear at the comp when d program doesnt work :P


  4. Ya, I liked playing Foosball there :)

    Ah, I get it. Directi was here to give their pre placement talk - and I got a chance to see 'coding gurus'. Where do your work anyways?

  5. Here in Mumbai, US based company called Citiustech. Call it my pitstop before I go do my masters :)

    Btw, which hostel are you from? And arent your majors approaching? :D shouldnt you be studying? :D

  6. Hmm, great. I am still thinking which job would fit me best.

    Kumaon. Oh, Majors :) - thankfully, unlike all others semesters, I just have 2 courses to study this time. This time, there are other important things lined up :)