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Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Moon Race

This NY Times Article is the epitome of Sarcasm. It really, truly, emphatically captures the times of The Cold War and how Russia's Space Program sent the US into frenzy and how $150 billion Moon Mission took Place, and the role of NASA thereafter.

If not for the great account of History and Emotions, read it for the Sarcasm.

After reading it, I wondered if Kennedy could have said that day in Congress, "Guys, Chill. This is all but an eyewash. We have greater problems to invest our money in. Let the Russians fly out there in the black void". (Oh, Do I sound like Leftist and Oh, then why would have there been a cold war at the first place!)

Also, in case it gets you a little more interested, you can watch October Sky (it's a movie!) as a follow up :)


  1. Alyona 'Spring'12 August 2009 at 00:32

    namaste Nishant!
    You know the article is funny a little.
    of course Americans were glad that their man (the first in the whole world)lanched on the Moon)
    I understand their joy because I am so glad that our(former The soviet Union)was the first who launched Sputnik into Orbit!then the the way it was a mannequin of a person)its name was Ivan Ivanovich.the first dog-cosmonaut named Laika),then two dogs Belka and translate in english their nicknames are Squirrel and Minute-hand)and...then the first alive persons!it's wonderful!
    after the GPW when soviet(russian)cities were destroyed and about 30 millions Soviets were killed during the war :'( but our people could to restore our country and made the flights!It was amazing!
    the 12th,april is the holiday"the day of cosmonaut!":)
    but you know I DON'T agree with Tom Wolf in such things:he was sure that Soviet people wanted to hurl the thunderballs down american cities.It is rubbish,frankly,it is not true!Just we(I can say so) achieved the aims of orbital knowledge )
    Russia(and former the soviet union) is not aggressive)It helps its Allies friendly :) I am glad that it helps and am proud of my country)
    I'd like all the countries to be together freindly!they mustn't make wars!
    A war is the most terrible thing in the world!

    i am sorry Nishant if it is too long)

    Best wishes

  2. Wow~ Thanks Alyona,

    I never knew that much history about the Russian Space Mission.

    And only if more people in this world though - WAR IS BAD.