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Friday, 2 October 2009

Things I know of Gandhi

Only the date is cliched; not the post.

When I think of Gandhi, only a few things stir up within me - memories, quotes, readings etc... Some good and others bad.
  1. He used to walk the talk. He used to walk fast. He deliberately chose his 2 offices 10 km (infact more) apart and he commuted on foot between these offices each day
  2. My maternal Grandfather used to literally hate him. In the drawing room he had the portrait of 'Maharana Pratap' and not Gandhi (in his days; Gandhi was still alive)
  3. His autobiography is quite bold and explicit. I should read it, but probably after reading Discovery of India
  4. Was a man of extremes - Non Violence, austerity etc.
  5. I really liked his idea of Hind Swaraj or self governance - infact, I was thinking of the same thing for a long time, trying to find words to express it and lo! - One day I find that Gandhi has already put it down so eloquently decades ago!
  6. Studied in England, like many of Indian reformers did. Wrote and spoke splendidly, like many other reformers
  7. Was a Gujju!
  8. His family life was screwed. I don't know if his decision to become celibate at the age of 36 was a reason. Whatever, still Kasturbha, his wife was imprisoned whenever he was. So what's the point! Unfair to her?
  9. I still can't comprehend what was his motivation. How he kept himself alive to put so much efforts into something larger than life, incomprehensible, apparently inachievable. HOW? HOW? HOW?
  10. Used to see things for himself - something what Rahul Gandhi is doing, or alteast showing that he is doing, now a days
Well that's my list! And I think I sound like a Blonde

What amazes me is that, of a man who was THE MAN for INDIA, Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu - how can I care to know so less. But pertaining to point [7], he is definitely a source of motivation. Enigmatic motivation. And pertaining to point [3], I promise to know more about him.

What's your list??? Or you people blonder than me!!!


  1. please explain point [7] and its link to motivation! :)

    some of the things he did are so larger than life that, it feels Einstein got it right when he said that "future generations won't believe that such a man ever walked on earth in flesh and blood"

    the best part about him is he had opinion on everything and said something worthy on every damn subject on earth!

  2. If some Gujju can, I too can [try] :)

    Seriously? - Neither heard this quote nor the fact. But Wow!!!

    I recently learned that Nathuram had an unsuccessful attempt at Mr G's life before he had a successful one!

  3. I haven't understood point 7. Explain, pl.

  4. Gujju's are know for their wit! However, the point had more to do with quipping about one of my closest friends who is a Gujju!