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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Some things in IT

Have you used Java?

Have you heard of Spring?


Well, than hear it Now!

Spring is the 'new guy on the block'. This new guy is open source as well.

What do you do in Java to create a new object of Class Nishant?
Write something like - Nishant nishant = new Nishant();
Well, with Spring, gone are those days.

Now you don't need to hardcode things. They are picked up, and linked to your code at runtime. Because of that, you don't need to rebuild (recompile) your code for every change you make.

Now you define these objects outside your java code, in an xml file. It is called configuration file. I am not getting into the details of it all, because there is enough of it on net.

My intention is to just make you aware that there is something called Spring.

For small course projects, you may not feel its importance but you must try to seek it out if your project is more than 1000 lines and/or have database calls as a part of it.

Knowing how to write Hello World in Java is sufficient to start with Spring, but you will like Spring more, if you have worked a lot in Java.

The best book on it is 'Spring in Action'. You will understand the whole of Spring, if you read this book. The next best place to learn more about it would be videos on You Tube. The articles on net; I am sure; will always get you confused.

To quote from the book, 'Spring makes it possible to use plain-vanilla JavaBeans to achieve things that were previously only possible with EJBs. However, Spring’s usefulness isn’t limited to server-side development. Any Java application can benefit from Spring in terms of simplicity, testability, and loose coupling.'

I will talk in details about 'Removing Try Catch blocks using Spring AOP' in separate blog. There I will give all the code level details.

Anyways, was knowing about this Spring guy fun?

I hope it was.

As always,

Take my advice, if you code in Java, go and look about it.

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