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Monday, 27 July 2009

How I Stopped Sleeping in IIT Lectures

After 3 laborious semesters - I found a simple Answer.

After those countless times when I woke up, with a stiff neck and saliva filled copy, I found it was so simple to stay up.

After long discussions with self, cursing the heart filled with smoke of remorse for missing a lecture held in the best institution of this country - I found it was rather simple...

After finding that my sleep pangs are so strong - that I sleep even in front of those professors who would humiliate you to death if found sleeping, I thought of a simple plan: to ask questions.

Er, Difficult to digest at first but...
...It works!

PS: The only flip side is that other people swear under breath, that they will kill you if you asked a single more question in that class. I have failed to understand why would they want to do that!


  1. totally agree... i myself have tried this trick in hukkas :)
    nd hey shuldn't it be three yrs instead of three semesters???

  2. He he :) - Er, I stopped sleeping after my 3rd sem - I have not slept in any lecture since then :P

    So 3 sem - not 3 years... :)

  3. I have never EVER been sleepy in class(except for maybe once when I had stayed up the entire night), but here, there hasn't been one lecture where I haven't been literally forcing myself to keep my eyes open. I choose to believe the problem lies in the AC, and not what the obvious reason should be. :P

  4. i second that ... totally works ...

    good post !!!


  5. @ Hedo... You will get an AC when you would have a lecture in Bharti... :P

    And then you would sleep even more gleefully :P