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Saturday, 4 July 2009


People go haywire over this word. It is the buzz word of our generation. 'You can't be successful in this age, unless you are creative', is not an uncommon phrase.

It scares the hell out of me to think if I am creative enough. How do I know? I hope it must be same for a lot of people. So let's try to figure out something...

What is Creativity?

Some People say creativity is simplicity.
Some People say creativity is thinking out of box.
Some People say creativity is a hoax.

Let's see an example - Common Crafts
- I think this is creative.

And we would keep stumbling upon such things which are 'creative'. But at any rate, our aim is to figure out - how can we be creative?

There can be a few things which I think helps in being creative:
1. Meditate
2. Solve Puzzles
3. Breathe Fresh Air
4. Spend Some time alone, Thinking
5. Talk to some Creative people
6. Get inspired by other creative stuff - start from Stumble Upon
But let's not forget the place where Creativity originates - your Brain!


  1. Nishant, how clever of you!Your site is the highlight,the beam of the Sun)
    i think that:
    1.To be a creative person- it means to see the elegance,"the highlight" of a 'simple flower';and can put down about it on a sheet of paper;and to love the planet,to live in harmony,to see a part of unusual and wonderful of everything at LEAST.

    2.Creativity..-there is nothing to laugh at,it sounds noble and it shows promise that this 'terra incognita' won't turn to the heap of consumers and "green rustling quadrangles".

    3.And if EVERY person IN THE WORLD had one percent of kind creativity at least,the world would be as a "candy".

    :)best wishes)))

  2. Looks like she has more to say than I had - and well, green rustling quadrangles are nothing but 'dollars' :) - took me some time to figure this out.