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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Vietnam Diaries #6: The charms of a new airlines!

Charms of a new airlines!
I flew VietJet this time around, primarily because it was giving me the cheapest possible flying option; and I was up for a surprise.

The first thing that struck me about VietJet was its similarities to Virgin Airways, an then our own Kingfisher airlines when they first started: Preppy red color splashed on the plane, brand new planes (so brand new that seats were stiff a little stiff when you try to push them for recline); trim, enthusiastic, happy and sharp looking air hostesses, and a very interesting in flight dining menu!

Where else in the world do you find a fresh coconut served on board? And that too for $2. 

The tickets are quite cheap, almost 50% of the state owned Vietnam Airlines; however it is going down the path of delays right from the start, given that, and the state of airline industry in general all across the world, I would like to fly this aircraft as much as possible before the cash considerations come into picture! For instance, in the US, one of the biggest air travel hub, domestic airlines have made a total loss of $60 billion in last decade. That's a lot of money to lose! A very well written NY times article on it here. Though a quote sums it all up: 

“I’d say that the only harder thing to start up than an airline is a nuclear plant,” said Bill Diffenderffer, the former chief executive of Skybus.

Unfortunately, for my readers who really want to fly one of these brand new airlines, Vietjet flies only in Vietnam as of now!

Oh, and finally in case you have been reading the news lately - apparently the entire world has taken notice of this airlines, though only good 9 months after its launch - when the Vietnam government fined Vietjet for hosting a bikini show in the flight. I leave it to you to find more details!


  1. Hi Nishantranka. I'd like to ask you about Vietjet if you don't mind. I bought the 10,000vnd promo ticket. The problem is I live in Indonesia and paid the ticket using my friend's CC. When I saw the Terms&Agreement regarding to payment, the website stated on FAQ section "Can a passenger based overseas pay an airfare for a relative in Vietnam by credit card?" the answer is NO. I've asked the Vietjet on their fanpage but no respond. Do you have any info to help me?!

  2. Unfortunately, I know little about this issue. I guess they might ask the passenger for the credit card used for payment, or a photocopy of the card as a proof to show that it's not a fraud. Call and check with them: that's the best way I believe...!