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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Vietnam Diaries #5: The Bus Journey!

Every day we have to commute almost 40 minutes to work, in the morning and in the evening! And to do so we use a van with 4 rows of seating! 

Every morning and we prod along, sometimes sleeping, sometimes chatting, sometimes lost in our thoughts, sometimes reading, sometimes busy in our iPads, and sometimes working away on our laptops (which is very bad!), I am always reminded of the times when I used to go to school like this.

There was no way that you would not pull hair of people sitting in front of you, and then fight with someone troubling you from back, throw paper balls, foil paper balls, air planes,   water, snatch food, mess up hair of people, pull their ties, dirty their shoes, remember to cut nails, and on rarely rare occasion - read about the class test due in the first period! 

Every day when I go in the morning I have inkling that one day, one good day the scene will return back to those childhood days of going to school! 


  1. Cut nails or bite nails? :P

    You forgot- shouting in chorus to insist that the driver beats the other bus in the 'race' :)

  2. Cut nails la - they used to checked every day in school and those with long nails would get a remark in their diary, or get a taste of the ruler!

    No, I didn't instigate unnecessary risky activities! Tch Tch - kids like you cause unnecessary accidents. Tsk Tsk.

  3. You mean cut nails with a nail-cutter? You remembered to carry a nail-cutter with you?
    I just remember people biting nails using teeth when they suddenly remembered that it is a Monday- nails inspection day.

  4. Haha. Yeah, people would do that (and what a dirty kid you were!), I would always keep the nailcutter in my bag (never take it out!).

  5. Err... I remember others doing so. I always remembered to cut nails, polish shoes, knot tie etc over the weekend :P

  6. Jeez. Are you 'Vicky' from 'Small Wonder' ?