To do that ... I happen to write!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Twenty Three and not counting!

I wonder
as I look yonder 
Where have I reached
Where am I headed

I ask 
Is life a lovely journey
or just a mechanical churnery
I would rather it an experiment by mice
Douglas Adams, obviously was wise

I remember
So many days gone past
So many lessons learned
So many days that I enjoyed
and some when I got burned

I hope 
Life is an absolute continuous integration function
What I am learning and experiencing
Keeps getting accumulated under my curve
And I am not just talking about fat

In the end
Life's sheer pure gobberlygoo awesomeness
It's the best story ever told
The only part that I hate about telling it is
first you've to grow old... 

Thanks you folks, friends, family for your wishes and phone calls spread over the 4 days 6 days. They have died down a bit and I am missing them. Thanks you people for your lovely pastries (which I couldn't taste), card and letter, e-mails and thoughtful winter-wear, your texts and FB comments and for just being there. I celebrated this one is the best possible way: by going on a trip! Hell yeah.

p.s. My colleague in office pointed out that he can see greying which I vehemently denied, but I take that as a metaphor that I am growing wiser ;)


  1. Hey! Happy birthday! I see you had a terrific one : )

    Where did you go?

  2. Thank you very much :)
    Satara! Heard of the place?

  3. Erm, the one in interior of Maharashtra? Any particular reason of choosing to spend the b'day there? Haven't heard of anyone but medical students go to Satara (for there are a couple of med colleges there).

  4. Err.. No. It is an awesome place quite near Mahabaleshwar, also known as the Valley of Flowers (though it is not blooming season currently!)

    Go there sometimes, you'll love it :)