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Saturday, 5 November 2011

New found Jibber Jabber

I am traveling a lot in the Delhi Metro these days, and every journey takes my respect for the amazing rail system a notch higher. When everything around on roads is so chaotic, it's great to see something that functions so well. When you see that there's hardly anyone breaking the queue for security check, despite it being so long, you feel that the Delhi Metro governs its own culture. More on this later..

The new found jibber-jabber is to usually board the 2nd coach of the metro, get down wherever I am supposed to get down, and walk almost to the engine. By this time the train is ready to pull out of the station.

And precisely then, to turn around and start walking in the opposite direction, theethering on the yellow line. As the metro zooms past me, it feels almost like being in a shooting of a movie (remember the DCH song?). 

Or sometimes quite philosophical, especially when the last coach of train goes past at a with great speed and clitter-clatter and suddenly there is an empty space and a deafening-lull...

Give it a try next time you get a chance (and then tell your experiences!) :-)


  1. Nishant Ranka, Maaroing stunts since 1988.


  2. In Mumbai local, the crowd would take one back on to the train ;)

  3. mast post...see a post about nothing is so much better than your consultants report sounding post...write more of this jibber jabber!

    a suggestion on the layout: the KISS in capital doesn't look good, this font is not made for all caps! life on the other hand looks beautiful and the overall feel of the page is inviting too

  4. Please don't fall down on the tracks once the train leaves...;-)

  5. @Shuvi: Wah!

    @Surbhi, Sosha: You can do this on Sunday :)

    @Apurva: Indeed, I fear that sometimes, because of the vacant space that suddenly crops up!

  6. @Kinari: Your comment on this blog after such a long time. Where art were thou :P

    Agreed on Jibber Jabber (but really depends too much on my mood).

    And KISS being an acronym is in CAPS, but haan, I too feel that its a bit jarring. Thanks - will makes some changes :)

  7. Theoretically, if the train is fast enough, you can be sucked onto the rails due to the vacuum that is created.

    But yes, its great to travel by a volvo in bangalore for similar reason. Its fun to observe the others fighting for life and death outside while you're sitting comfortably reading 'Geography of Bliss', which by the way is the best non-fiction I have read.

  8. Lol @ life and death :D
    So true though!