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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


On a lazy, cozy, cold winter morning in Delhi - what do you do if you get up at 6AM? 
You run. From your home to er...where? you think, realizing: Obviously: IIT Delhi
That's 6 KM. One way.

I ran across the BRT corridor, through the service lanes of "crores ke bangle" in Panchsheel, past the thick crowd at Hauz Khas metro station, over the IITD flyover, through the insti main gate, to the MS. Turn around and run back - feeling awesome!
1.5 hours. 12 km including a break at IIT to sip a few drops of water and check out MS123. It was in shambles, just like always, and I ignored it, just like always!

And had to make up for the lost calories by paying a visit to the American Diners at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road - sounds like beginning of a perfect Sunday morning, huh? ;)


  1. 1. Normal people do not get up at 6 am on a cold, cozy Sunday morning.
    2. If one ends up getting up, looks like he runs and also blogs early morning.


  2. preparing for the marathon kya?
    12kms out of the blue is good feat(pun intended) yaar..

  3. @Surbhi: Hmm, better than trying to sleep while people constantly bug you :P

    @Kinari: Marathon, yeah, but these marathon guys haven't confirmed my participation yet! Waiting :)