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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The New Look Blogger

Just go to

And then Click on Layout

And then on Template Designer

This thing is really cool. You can play around with background images, sizes ed infinitum

Also explore editing the blog in this new look blogger. Uploading images is like really awesome :)

Blogger has become like Wordpress...


  1. I tried this on a long time back, I guess it wasnt marketed well then, bcz I follow Josh Peterson's Blog.. :) I played around with it, but then I went back to my original template :P I am rather fond of it :)

    Blogger has NOT really become like Wordpress, because Wordpress has a lot of things going on, that Blogger will take ages to shift to. Infact I think they are two totally different blogging arenas all together.. Blogger just got better with the design :)


  2. Thanks for sharing
    i am just a starter and found it interesting

  3. It's not even well marketed now! And your original template is cool; mine was not :)

    Oh, and I agree Blogger is nowhere even close to Wordpress; and even with designs blogger has come close to if not equaled wordpress!