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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Childhood Confusion

While I am compiling my thoughts on the 2nd Matrix post, a little unresolved confusion from my childhood days:

My sister always used to sing to me:

"सोजा बबुआ मानो बिल्ली आई है"

And it always used to confuse me: Is Mano - like the Hindi mano - which means 'assume' or is it a proper name referring to a cat called 'Mano'?

I know, it's a trivial thing but what I was wondering at was that fact that amazingly how great such trivialities used to sound during our childhood, amazingly how is that we remember all such trivial details from our childhood, and amazingly how it was when during our childhood - our life was nothing but a mass of trivialities...


  1. Aww. :)

    And is that you? OMGSOMEGACUTE.

  2. Ohhh new template! I like this one! :)

    n awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Billi!!! :) :) I love billi's :P :) very cute :)


  3. @ Hedo and Anne - Thanks :D

    @ Kinari - You already got your answer :) [kudos: the way you did it with ^ and < etc, I could have never done the same with words :)]

  4. Hehe. :D

    PS. I am NOT Hedo any more.