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Friday, 2 March 2012

The Novel Theory

The principal of The Novel Theory: A simple theory, which simply states, in the exact words: "I would rather spend an hour reading a novel than speaking to some girl on the phone."

Origins of The Novel Theory: Mostly in areas around this part of the world (28.5°, 77.2°)

  1. The guy is a nerd or a semi nerd
  2. The guy is single
  3. The guy wants to remain single
  4. The guy is a time and productivity martinet

Duality: It is also applicable the other way around. But the postulate is unclear in that sense. Instances have been observed but no concrete evidences have been found. It is still a matter of debate and an area of ongoing research.

Extension of The Novel Theory: The word 'novel' was moved from literal to metaphorical level opening up a whole new vistas of things guys can do instead of spending time talking on phone. This also leads to relaxation of the postulate [1] and [4].

Proposed Extension of The Novel Theory: The word 'talking on phone' too is proposed to be extended to mean a whole range of things like shopping alongside. The list is still under development.

Criticism: Most of the people believe the practical application of theory to be limited. Others believe it is more of an 'alibi' theory where the guy states this to cover up his loser-ness. Most of the above have been found to be rubbish. Though new criticism keep coming up.

Application: Self pampering. Intellectual argumentation. And in finding hedonistic true north. Theme conferring to this theory can be often found in popular songs and movies. Such as this by Bob Marley.


  1. Who talks for an hour on the phone to some girl? :/ .. Unless it was to discuss some book, I see no point. :)

    Bob Marley. \m/
    P.S: I rather like Three Little Birds..

    1. High five! :-)

      Oh, but three little birds doesn't convey *this* particular theme!

  2. Coming up with theories like this can also be included in the list of things a person (notice- gender neutrality) can do under the metaphorical definition of the word novel! :P

    1. :D. And I thought no one would spot this :)

  3. Finally its formulated.... I like the extensions of Novel Theory....
    And yeah Bob Marley \m/

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