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Monday, 5 March 2012

An Earthquake in Delhi...

One of the first live blogs - and I am sweating profusely as I write this since the temperature in Delhi has shot over 30 degree C and I decided to climb 14 floors to get back to office. I was wondering as I climbed up: Had the earthquake been higher on the Richter scale...

To be fair, the emergency exit in our office is named as 'fire exit' and not 'earthquake exit' and hence its inability to ensure quick and safe exit of around 3000 people who work in the building in case of earthquake is not guaranteed. It took me 12 mins to get down from 14th floor. Needless to think about the hopeless situation in case of a stampede.

As I reached the ground, score of people turned out from lifts. With such 'fire exits', lifts are not necessarily unsafe, I reflected.

However, all this all began hilariously. Speaking on phone, I kept my hand on a long table in the cafeteria. The table was shaking like anything. Irritated a little, I looked over as to who was the trouble maker. There was none. This happened for a few times, and then suddenly the realization dawned upon me. I hurriedly said, "It feels like there's an earthquake here. I will call you later", heading towards the exit.

p.s Richter scale of around 5.2, I am told! And thankfully, all buildings held on.

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