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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Eye to Eye

Heard of 'Body Language' anytime? Atleast all those people who have prepared for an interview must have! It's difficult to maintain eye contact with the interviewer while processing all the questions they keep throwing at you (as processing facial expressions requires a lot of brain effort!)

Anyways. I am not talking about that. Here's what I am talking about:

So this other day I was walking with my friends in Connaught Place (CP). Two of us had fallen in steps behind the other two, when suddenly a nice lady walked past me. Out of nowhere I decided to do an experiment. I called one of the two people walking in front of us; our eyes met and suddenly I directed my eye to the lady in between us two. Almost as if my eyes controlled his motor neurons - he looked where my eyes were pointing: right into the face of a total (beautiful) stranger at a distance of ...

This event, in the chill of Delhi winters, rekindled my interest in this field. Here are some good references to get you started:
  1. Pauk Ekman - Emotions Revealed (Awesome book, thanks to my Prof. RBN!)
  2. Malcom Gladwell - Blink (thanks to my birthday gift by chemical engineer)
Please do refer to me if there are any other good books you've read on this subject

I wrote a small term paper (with Menu) last year on Non Verbal Communication. As novice as I might be - let me know if you need a copy :)

Here's a part from the paper which I particularly like:

Some aspects of facial expressions are hard to fake, for e.g. the raised inner corners of eyebrows which come with real sadness (Ref: Emotions Revealed, Paul Ekman)


  1. First of all, OMG where did you find that picture, rather how?!
    Second of all, Such awesome courses you do. Would you be so kind as to send me a copy of your term paper?
    And and, thanks for all the publicity. :P

  2. The word experiment looks more like a justification to the act of calling your friend's attention towards the lady. :P
    No, am not blaming the act as being wrong or anything negative.

    Anyways, interesting article. Reading Blink right now.

  3. @Hedo: No copyrights violated with this picture :)

    @Surbhi: Say one thing :P