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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Larger Scheme of Things

Global warming has been shrugged off, quite conveniently. Even if Kyoto was of some consequence; Copenhagen was a total disaster (except o'course the fact that world excepted global warming IS a problem).

95% of Brinjal production in India goes waste. Total agricultural waste is nearly 30% of the produce. Can you imagine the price difference if this had not been the case...

Nearly 1,00,000 farmers have committed suicide. Newspaper column size for murder/death/suicide of an IITian == that for 100 farmers.

Nearly 770 million Indians live below Rs. 20/- per day. 330 million of these people live below Rs 12/- per day.

China holds more than $2000 billion of foreign exchange reserves. India's GDP is nearly $1300 billion.

There is no freedom of press in China. Only bulletin published is that by the government...

Monsanto Seeds. Watch the documentary called 'The world according to Monsanto'. It will scare you to bones. A company which is literally ruining our already ruined farmers through its patented seeds and super-harmful herbicides...

Recently Right to Education bill was passed. Currently there is a shortage of about 20 lakh teachers in India. Education bill would be but a false promise if something is not done in this regard...

IITians are probably THE most educated of the Indians. Several IITians daily brush their teeth, shave their coarse hair, wash their faces etc...with the taps open at full force (I've seen this countless times). Didn't we all grew up watching the DD1 commercial about not wasting water? Plus don't we all believe that the solution to lack of civic sense in Indians is better education? Is there an irony?

This is just for the starters...someone with more knowledge can go on and on and on...there are o'course positives: Current Government is doing quite well, the new rashan policy, if implemented, will bring great relief to the common man and so on...

Sometimes it feels like India really needs us...sometimes it feels like that we have a sense of responsibility which we conveniently ignore; entangled in the myriads of our own personal life, feeling insecure at each and every moment - and getting cozy with our own state of affairs at other times.

Wasting even a tiny bit of anything should prick our conscience (including the wastage of time...). It doesn't...It should...Shouldn't it?


PS: Check the figures. They are approx accurate.

PPS: This post in a summary of a late night discussion among Ankit, Kinari and I...


  1. ranke you are a GOD documentor. I remember that you carried no diary with you yesterday...but i don't remember anything that you left out!Just like at an advanced stage dumbledore does not require to pronounce the spells aloud, you have reached that stage in documentation when you do not need no diary!

    on a serious note, each fact pricks like a thorn and the worst part is we are lying on the bed of thorns, which hardly pricks!

  2. Ah :)

    We are in such a bhishma pitamahish condition, only that neither we're as stud as him nor have we done any studapas like him :D

    On a serious note: Let's hope that this prick someday leads to something...

  3. That's the problem that IITians considered themselves as most educated species in India. Who said that you people are most educated ones, go out in other colleges you will hundereds of better engineers than the many of drunk iitians.
    Dude people are still living in notion of 10years back that iitians are most educated ones. Kindly analyse the new generation comment will be justified.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I am, unfortunately, one of those people who agree with what you've just said. Infact, I intended 'the most educated' thing as an irony. From next time, I'll try to write it in a more obvious way :)

    PS: You don't have to be anonymous to say something which you think is right...