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Friday, 26 March 2010

Crystal Priya: It's the time to Disco

Well, as it was just a few days to go before we all part our ways and waving each other, through misty eyes and shaking hands, say dosvidania; it was a great idea to have a batch treat, where people can come and dance together and with a final hug permanently cement their bonds of friendship for ever and ever.

There were discussions on batch treat from I-don't -remember-when but somehow something kept cropping up and the treat couldn't be finalized. Even the batch which proudly claimed itself to be the most united one couldn't come to agree on terms which were appealing to all.

I dared to say the 'most united' thing because I feel that somehow even with all our differences we respect each others opinion. Each batch has a google group, and each group goes through the same cycle of great chaos when some people post things which everyone else finds unsuitable for the purpose of the group or for that matter some people make it a habit to use the group as a medium to publicly malign and disparage people, institute and humanity in general. Our group too went through a similar cycle and at one point of time it had to be moderated, which aroused great sentiments and people united and fought against it - and for the right to say what they want to say. There was a great jubilation when the moderation was finally called off, but as according to me what followed this was something extraordinary: people started acting responsibly by self moderating the content they posted on the group, which according to me is an extremely difficult stage to reach for any given group of people...

But coming back to the point - the treat was in jeopardy and it is in such testing time that you need a champion who can galvanize people into action. I remember Director Sir once saying, "There is no cause without a champion - for every cause there has to be a champion". In our case it was was Shekhu who went from hostel to hostel - room to room; convincing people to come. And lo! they did come.

What followed was THE VERY BEST PARTY I've ever been to in my life. We danced for over 4 hours NON STOP. There is a great advantage in dancing with people who don't know how to dance but still have an enormous energy bubbling in their bodies, a shine in their eyes and an urge to dance their way through the night because then you feel a part of the group. You can dance even when someone is watching. The food at Crystal was great and I must recommend that place to anyone who would like to have a grand party. The Dj was super cool and the night ended with the song, "Yaroon, dostiiihiiiii badi hi haseen hai..." as we all sat down in a large circle, hands on each others shoulders,swaying with the music...

Listen to it one time; and as the DJ said, "feel the song..."

Click to hear music file

Or watch it here...


  1. Wow! Time has flown by so fast. I still remember those days in Satpura, when the same seniors passing out in a few days, came for "introductions".
    Every moment spent with Seniors in Hostel, Department, Clubs and elsewhere, have created memories! We'll miss you all! :)

  2. definitely is going to be a time to remember and get nostalgic about.....and the feeling of time just flying by, never leaves u :-)

  3. many people have talked about friends and close friends and friendship and what not...i understand what it means now.

  4. @VP: It's exactly the same for us :)

    @Di: Yeah - 'time flies'

    @Kinari - So do I :)

  5. To tell you the truth, I felt I should have spent more time with a lot of you guys.. Especially with Amrit, Tejesh, Sankalp and you.. I really felt like that and expressed the same to Amrit.. Abe yaar!! Aisa joker tha humare beech aur uske jokes pe google group ke alawa kahin nai maze liye is baat ka dukh hai!!

    Batti batch 2006 rocks!!

  6. it is sad a bit to part with friends and Alma mater,"its walls".i remember my graduation party from the school and sometimes tears appear on the eyes.
    the new ways are waiting for you all)and you will always remember and cherish all the good moments of your nice studying and spending time together and it will always help :)

  7. :) I am positive that the college friendships would continue throughout our lives...