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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Being Strawless

"So how did people drink coconut water when there were no straws?", quizzed the curious-as-usual N while sipping coconut water. 

"Nice. This question has struck me several times as well.", I jumped in. "I think people would have drunk directly from the coconut - but it looks difficult! Or they might have emptied this into a glass or something! That time, they must have had it only at home and not on roadsides." I eagerly emptied my wisdom.

We nevertheless decided to check the facts with the rustic man who was selling coconut water.

"Aise hi pite the" [people used to drink it directly from the coconut] he replied with a shy smile.

Given we were in a small coastal village in Maharashtra - we had little inhibition in trying out the straw less way; the next second both of us were enjoying our respective coconut water sans our straws.

To our amazement - not even a single drop spilled. And believe me - the water tasted even better. I think it was because we could not only smell the fresh coconut but also taste some bit of it while drinking the water. It was an amazing experience.

For the rest of the trip, whenever we drank coconut water we proudly told the vendor "Straw nahi cahiye" [No straw needed] and smiled widely as a little surprised spread over his face.

I am drinking coconut water the straw less from now on. Are you willing to give it a try?


  1. Ha ha! I'm totally going to try this!

  2. tastes good..but either you lied or i need to master the technique so that the water does not fall...and with 25 rupees for a coconut...its almost as expensive as petrol in mumbai :)every drop counts..

  3. Lawl! Well if it is not a gaping cut on the top, the water *does* not fall. O'course, an odd droplet will find its way down your shirt. It's not that convenient, but the fresh taste is worth the efforts :)