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Sunday, 11 December 2011

On your face, Moon!

Was wondering what Earth and Moon must have been talking yesterday!

Earth to Moon:

Moon Moon
O full Moon

Why are you setting
today so soon

What are you hiding behind
You loon

Why are you not lit today
we had our noon

Did Sun get angry on you
You foolish baboon

Moon to Earth:

I don't want any of your sass
You jackass
Just moveth your ass

Check your shadows
growing taller than your soul
There's no stairway here
You prick, land of wormhole

Don't you hear - Aye!
revolve away
and let me make my hay 

Earth to Moon:

My drunken relative
You look so red

All this shouting
Makes you look dead

And just to close my case

p.s. I realized it was the first time I had seen this phenomenon!

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  1. just for your info.. u were lucky that you saw.. because its not going to be visible from India for next 6 years!! :)