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Sunday, 26 June 2011

I, The Same Mortal I

In Moments of high inspiration

I am Batman, Spiderman and Hector
Achilles, Nagraj and Logan

I am Capt. Vijyant Thapar, Carl Brashear and Hellen Keller
George Mallory, Wright and Wheeler

I am Tatas, Birlas and Binny Bansal
Ford, Hershey and Toyoda

I am Einstein, Feynman and Watson
Ramachandran, Graham Bell and Watt

I am Gandhi, Aung Saun and Bhagat Singh
Martin Luther King, Lincoln and Mother Teresa

I am Sachin, Schumacher, and Nadia Comaneci
Armstrong, Phelps and Pele

I am Frodo, Sam and Harry
and my NAME is neo

I am the statue of liberation
An ideal of self discipline

Wielder of sword and tamer of horse
Dragon Catcher Vampire Slayer

I am brave yet merciful
courageous but not revengeful

I am the ideal of man, the helm of glorified human

My only rue is the next morning,
When I wake up to find
I am, the same mortal I
                  RIP: That's the Spirit


  1. We know- That you know names of lots of high funda people. That you read a lot. That you do not waste time. That you do a lot of self analysis. That you are highly disciplined...

    But you do not know- That you are not that give up as you think of yourself. And that you bore other mortals with such philosophy.

  2. Google knows name of lots of people. 'I wish' for all other things :)

    And hello - Give up. me? Let's be clear on this - If I am anything, that's - 'severely cool'! :D

  3. That's what I said too. You are not give up. But it seems as if you think you are. :P
    Severely cool also, nah! ;)

  4. That's what. I was amazed at the idea of me metaphysics-ing the idea of me being that. Good - so we're on the same side then.

    And if you don't believe me on 'severely cool' part, ask KFP - He tells me that every time I watch the trailer of his latest movie!

  5. Erm, I don't get this conversation at all. Maybe Surbhi could use a couple of commas here or there to make it understandable. :P

  6. Look Nishant, the poem was so boring that Sosha commented only on the comments. :P

    Sosha, sorry if you found the comments too confusing. I was just trying to tell Nishant that the poem doesn't sound like or suit the normal him. :)

  7. Ha ha ha! Surbhi, good one!

  8. I am hereby discontinuing comments on this unless they talk about the poem :/