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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Crash and Burn

What's swimming...

without holding yourself underwater
long after your breath's gone
and your consciousness undone

until you see the world above
die in slow motion

What's life
I ask,
without heartaches and heartburns!


  1. Seems like you've just gotten over a painful crush :P

  2. I was stuck in a day long painful meeting (with nothing to do!) :P

  3. Put a Facebook 'like' button on your blog, please. :)

  4. You've got a share button :P

  5. Mr Novacaine, I still think it's heartache ;)

  6. I am copying it from somewhere but works well

    "I only write long long after the context is forgotten, well tread over and all that remain of it now are dwindling memories. If at all"


  7. You seem to be agreeing to Sosha's comment and adding the fact that it is not a fresh heartache, but an old one. :P

  8. Janta >> Poems are meant to be appreciated or battered based on how awesomely they convey the expressions. Leave the poor heartbroken assumed protagonist alone! :P

  9. My comment was on the comment you put. Didn't say a single word about the poem. :P
    Why so defensive? ;)

  10. That's what. Leave the comments on the P.H.A.P. alone! Say if the poem made you feel there were black clouds gathered all around when it was actually a bright sun-shining day! ;)

    p.s. I think asking someone 'Why so defensive' is the best phrase ever to make that someone sound 'defensive'. 'Why so angry' and 'Why so serious' also work to the same effect!

    So basically a very *mean* question indeed ;)