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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Nue Ness


has no concept of streetlights. Even on the best roads, where people can drive over 80KMPH there are no streetlights.

has amazingly rich population who would invest their money and brains in everything except in keeping their locality clean. Littering is the way of life here.

has no place for people who would rather walk on their 2 feet (forget lesser numbers). If you have a car you can venture out. Else call a cab @ 15Rs/km. Else stay put. There are no autos. And yes the daily parking fees at my office building is Rs 100/- so I would rather think twice about taking my car. So, tell me, how do people live here?

has scarcity of good markets. One of my seniors summed it up, "Even if you want to buy a pencil, you've to [lewd annotation] go to a mall"

Other Nue Things:

To get a gas connection, you've to make an affidavit. To make an affidavit you've to get a stamp paper. Stamp papers are kept at court. But when you go to court they tell you there are no stamp papers there, you can get them from tehsil (and obviosuly they can bring it for you at some additional charges). And then, profusely sweating when you reach back to the gas agency: you find out that there is a waiting for 5-6 months to get a connection. You don't want to club anyone, 'cept self.

Flat hunting a fairly interesting and involved process. So is buying vegetables. The worst thing you can do in both the cases is to believe in one vendor and stick to him. The best thing you can do is to visit as many vendors as possible. Atleast if it's your first time.

Driving a 23 year old car is perilious.

Cornflakes + Chilled Milk + Straberries + Mango + Banana + Cashew + Almonds + Pistachio - Sugar = Quick, Awesome and healthy.

Did you know toned milk has less protein and calcium than both full cream and double toned milk?

Without familiar people, a visit to college looks so alien.


  1. Awww.some. :)
    Noo life doing you good. Coming of age, growing up, et al, huh?

    PS 1 - How was your first day?
    PS 2 - I don't get the lewd annotation?
    PS 3 - ^^ Reminds you of playstation, no? :P

  2. welcome to life beyond college !

    Your entrepreneur calling might be opening an eating place !

  3. welcome to life beyond college boundaries !
    your entrepreneur calling might be opening up an eating place !

  4. @ Hedo and PS2: My mistake. I wanted to hide the profane word used, but apparently used some wrong word. Anywho, I didn't get the PS3.

    @ Di: My EC and eating place?

  5. Agree with most of that. That's why, will never stay in dust bowl gurgaon if i get a chance. Delhi is awesome.

  6. it is beautiful at night tho...

  7. Stole my thoughts totally!!!!
    But the gas connection thing is the same for every city I guess, anyway now you must be loving Chandigarh even more :)

  8. Enjoy the Nue Ness though might feel a little Nuisance at times. And hope that you get posted on a project away from Gurgaon for a while, then Gurgaon will start feeling home.
    All the best! :)