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Saturday, 13 February 2010

God has Funny Ways

We tend to get so caught up in things that many-a-time it looks like there is no way out. We see ourselves spiraling into an infinite myriad of nothingness - and however hard may we try - we cannot see even a faint beacon ray of light...

My Maternal grandmother is nearly 96 years in age. 96 years is, as you all would agree - pretty old! She's seen 5 generations before her eyes. To put in context she's seen her great great grand children! And the hard truth remains that people come and go in this world. The truth is hard because we tend to get attached to people who we love, who we live with; and thus when they go - it becomes hard to come to terms with the truth of life. With her being 96 years of age - she's seen many people go. She's seen many of her loved ones go. But any other day you see her - she's normal. She's lonely - she can hardly move. She is fortunate to have a devoted son and his wife - but still the fact remains that she's alone - there's no one she can talk to, share her feelings with; and there are just too many loved ones who have gone. Then how is that she remains normal?

"Oh well, the answer is simple", said my aunt, "she doesn't remember. She tends to forget all the things which have happened in the last few decades, until she asks for something and has to reminded of it, which is when she turns sad, but then again she forgets - and becomes normal!"

As I kept down my phone, I thought - God sure has His funny ways to make things work!

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